mAiRiner is a cloud based hand hygiene auditing solution that provides real time custom hand hygiene dashboards, live reporting and flexible report distribution all at your finger tips. mAiRiner supports multiple facilities and units under a single corporate account.


  • Easy to Deploy and get started
  • Consistent and Easy Auditing Experience
  • No Transcription Errors
  • Hassle Free Reporting
  • Real Time Access to Data


mAiRiner supports three paid tiers.


Professional Includes:

  • Unlimited Observations
  • Single Facility
  • Unlimited Units
  • Unlimited Auditors
  • m2go for Windows and IOS
  • Ten Report Styles Included
  • Basic Dashboard
  • Single Administrator Account
  • Monthly Database Backups
  • Email Support


Professional Plus:

  • Unlimited Facilities
  • Unlimited Auditing Devices
  • Web based Auditing
  • Enhanced Dashboard
  • Canned Auditor Notes
  • Thirty Report Styles Included
  • Your Logo on Reports
  • Five Report Distribution Lists
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Daily Database Backups


Enterprise Plus:

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Public Dashboards
  • Corporate Score Card Integration
  • Audit Reminders
  • 80+ Report Styles
  • Report Sharing
  • Report Cloning
  • Automatic Audit Summaries
  • Hourly Database Backups
  • User Groups
  • Program and Unit Groups
  • Report Categories

m2go Auditing Software

m2go allows you to efficiently and quickly collect hand hygiene compliance data using a mobile phone or tablet and sync them with a single tap to mAiRiner.

mAiRiner has versions of m2go for Windows desktops and tablets as well as Apple iPads, and iPhones. No m2go application, no problem, mAiRiner has a web based auditing interface that requires no installation.

Centralized Settings 

All settings and configuration for m2go are pulled from the mAiRiner appliance to ensure that all your health care worker types, facilities, patient care areas and auditors are up to date.

Real Time Access to Audits

Auditors can use the real-time data to identify and address any immediate need for procedural changes and/or retraining.

Provide Immediate Feedback

You don’t have to wait for formal reports to share audit results with staff on the floor!   As soon as you’re done auditing, share the results and provide them with feedback without even having to sync the data!

Sync Audits in Seconds

m2go sync’s with mAiRiner directly over a wireless network configuration. Sync’ing audits is quick and easy and only takes a couple of seconds to complete.